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Meinl - Cymbals

14" Byzance Traditional Heavy Hihat
20" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Ride
6" Byzance Traditional Splash
18" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Crash
20" Byzance Extra Dry Thin Crash
22" Byzance Vintage Pure Light Ride
18" Byzance Vintage Trash Crash
20" Byzance Pure Crash

Evans - Drumheads

20" emad onyx
20" EQ3 white (Front)
10" EC2 (TOP) G1 clear (Bottom)
12" EC2 (TOP) G1 clear (Bottom)
14" G2 coated (TOP) G1 clear (Bottom)
16" G2 coated (TOP) G1 clear (Bottom)
14" EC1 reverse dot (Top) Glass 500 Snare Side (Bottom)
14" Genera HD (Top) Hazy 300 Snare Side (Bottom)

Mapex - Drumset

Black Panther 'White Widow' custom
20x18 Bass drum
10x07 Rack Tom
12x08 Rack Tom
14x14 Floor Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
14x05 Snare drum
12x07 Fastback Falcon Series Hardware


Anika is a German drummer, songwriter and producer.
She wrote, recorded and released her first EP titled‘Alter Ego’in 2014.
Stylistically her songs are a mix of pop/rock/fusion whereas the most important aspect for Anika is the groove.
She doesn’t only use the drums for playing a beat or keeping time, but much more as an independent instrument.
She avoids putting the artistic focus on herself and leaves room for extravagance.
With her newly formed band ‘Nevell’ she will present her songs live on stage soon.
Her fine technique, the distinctiveness of her sound and her strong groove characterize her songs and her way of playing.
Recent activities also include working as an author for international drum magazines and producing her debut album.


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